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Encrypted Emails - Egress Switch:


We take your data security very seriously, and for this reason, we use an encrypted email service called Egress Switch to send you emails containing your confidential information (unless you have explicitly requested us not to).

Egress Switch is a secure third-party encryption service, used to send secure emails to non-secure email addresses.

It is widely used by many private and public sector organisations, as well as The Ministry of Defence, UK Government Departments, NATO member states and Private Healthcare Hospitals and Institutions.

More information can be found here:

Egress Switch Recipient Guide

I've received an encrypted email - what do I do now?

Egress Switch is free to use to receive and decrypt an email, but if you've never used it before, it does need you to register (so you can validate your email address), in order to be able to access the information contained inside the email. 

Registration is relatively simple and requires only the minimum information (name, email address, password).

We know that registering and signing up is annoying, but it's a one-time set-up; you don't need to do it again and you'll be able to receive emails from anyone using Egress Switch in the future. 

If we've sent you an Egress Switch Email, here is a guide on how to access the email:

Step 1:
You should receive an email, which will contain something that looks like the picture below:
Click on the link that says "read the secure email online".




Step 2:
You will now be taken to a page, asking you to sign in, or sign up to Egress Switch.
You will need to create a free account to open the email (unless you already have an Egress Switch account associated with this email address).

Click on the New User link :


Step 3:
You will now need to register your account.  This is free to do and only ever needs to be done once for this address.

As more and more organisations sign up to Egress Switch, you will be able to use this same account to access all your encrypted emails.  
You MUST use the same email address to register, as the email account you received the request on.


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