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About Me:


I am a Consultant Hand and Upper Limb Surgeon and my NHS practice is based at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust;  this includes Haywards Heath Princess Royal Hospital and The Royal Sussex County Hospital.

I specialise in the following areas of Orthopaedics:


  • Hand, wrist and elbow conditions, injuries (including soft tissue sports injuries) and treatments, including:

  • Elbow surgery

  • Hand surgery

  • Wrist Surgery

Ganglia & Mucous Cysts


Mucous cysts are found near the base of the fingernail, close to the far joint of the finger.  They are small fluid-filled sacs and are usually associated with osteoarthritis.  They are usually asymptomatic but can be painful and if allowed to enlarge, can rupture through the skin.  Sometimes it is necessary to remove these cysts if they cause symptoms such as pain, or problems with nail growth.



Usually the treatment is a day case operation under local anaesthetic and can be done in an operating theatre.  The underlying joint arthritis may remain symptomatic and your surgeon will be able to discuss the likely prognosis or future treatments that may be required on an individual basis.



There is a small risk of wound infections and of recurrence associated with these cysts, but the vast majority of treatments are uncomplicated and relatively straightforward.


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