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Pricing Information



How much will my treatment cost?


If you are paying for your own treatment: 

New Patient Consultation (30 minute appointment, including examination and full history): £200

Review Consultation (15 minute appointment, price per each subsequent review): £100

Soft Tissue Injection (Steroid/Local Anaesthetic  Injection): £50.00 (per injection - in addition to above)


(The above excludes any imaging, diagnostic testing, physiotherapy and/or hand therapy, which is charged independently by the respective Hospital/Healthcare Professional/third party)

I'm insured, will my insurance cover me?


I am recognised by, and have Provider Status with, all the major Insurance Companies – and I am fee assured.

This means that if you are insured by a particular Insurance Company (for example, Aviva, AXA PPP, Bupa, Vitality Health, WPA, etc), I will only charge the agreed fee set by that Insurer*

*Please note, however, that this will exclude any excesses on your policy/insurance, or instances where there is a ceiling on the total value remaining on your policy, which falls below the agreed fee paid by your Insurer.

Please check with your insurer for further details/clarification.

I need surgery - how do I get authorisation from my insurer?


If surgery is necessary, you will be advised of the relevant procedure and code – you should then contact your Insurer to enquire if your policy provides adequate cover and to request that they authorise the funding (for all the costs incurred by the Hospital, Surgeon and Anaesthetist, if applicable).

Most Insurers also make their fee schedules available on their websites, outlining the maximum amount payable per procedure.

I'm paying for my own treatment.  What will it cost?

For “Pay For Yourself”/Self-Funding patients, the following are guidelines of Fixed Price Costs for various procedures.  These prices are “all inclusive” and include all post-operative treatment.

You will always receive a written quotation for the full package price, for any surgical treatment, prior to any procedure being arranged.  There will be no hidden costs. 

Why have I received an invoice from you?


​I  work  on  an  independent  basis  from  the  Hospital;  my  fees  and  payments  are  recouped by, and  paid  to  me  directly NOT  via  the  Hospital  (except  in  some  exceptional  cases, where a treatment package  price has  been  agreed).  The  hospital  invoices  for  its  own  costs separately.

If  you  are  insured,  I  will  invoice  your insurance  company  directly  for  my fees, unless explicitly instructed otherwise.


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